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About Hawaii Sands Realty

Hawaii Sands Realty’s team has decades of combined experience in property management, sales, and buyer representation on Oahu. We've seen it all from single-family homes, condos, townhouses, student housing, apartment buildings, commercial property, and luxury estates.

When it comes to property management, our successful approach is based on developing trust through diligent planning and careful communication.

Let's talk about how we can work with you to achieve you investment goals.

David “Dave” Moyer Headshot

David “Dave” Moyer

President & Principal Broker

License #: RB-18853

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Donnie Torres Headshot

Donnie Torres

Co-Founder/Board Member

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Alex Watson Headshot

Alex Watson

V.P. & Broker-In-Charge

License #: RB-23517

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Sherry J. Oka Headshot

Sherry J. Oka

REALTOR®, Property Manager

License #: RB-23142

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Eric DeBlois Headshot

Eric DeBlois

REALTOR-Associate®, Property Manager

License #: RS-85289

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Melissa V. Dennis Headshot

Melissa V. Dennis

REALTOR-Associate®, Property Manager

License #: RS-72727

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Laurie Suarez Headshot

Laurie Suarez

REALTOR-Associate®, Property Manager

License #: RS-66994

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Kathryn Perryman Headshot

Kathryn Perryman


License #: RS-81712

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