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For Our Property Owners

Anytime online access allows our clients to view real-time reports of all income, expenses, and owner’s draws. Receipts and invoices for expenses are ALWAYS scanned and uploaded. Reports can be run for any time period and customized by clients or their bookkeeping and accounting professionals, making tax reporting a breeze.

Owner disbursements can be made electronically via EFT to any US bank account at no additional charge. Properties with multiple owners may receive their disbursements separately according to the percentage distribution they decide. All owners will receive separate 1099s.

We prepare detailed room-by-room move-in & move-out inspection reports with detailed photos and video plus semi-annual property walk-through inspections. Experience has shown us that inspections with photos and video send a clear message to tenants that they will be held accountable for any damages and that we maintain a detailed record as evidence. Our routine inspections also allow us to check for maintenance items that tenants may not report, but that our clients should be made aware of, and to ensure tenants are in compliance with their lease regarding occupants and pets.

Your tenants will also have anytime online access to their accounts where they can make secure online payments via e-check, credit, or debit cards. From their online portal tenants can also view and download important documents such as House Rules, submit maintenance requests, and manage their renter's insurance. Research shows that making online payments available to tenants increases on-time rent payment and tenant satisfaction.

Finally, we conduct an annual rent analysis so we can adjust rent to market value or increase it by C.P.I, whichever is more. We understand that our clients have made a significant investment and expect the highest rate of return possible.

Why Hawaii Sands Realty?

The property management business has changed dramatically over the past decade as population demographics have changed. Generation X are now well into their 40s and Millennials are entering their 30s. Combined, Gen X and Millennials made up 84% of the renter population in 2017 according to Zillow market research. The vast majority of this demographic utilize online tools and social media. In short, the current and future renter population overwhelmingly uses technology in every aspect of their lives. They send messages through various social media platforms, e-sign leases, pay online, and move quickly. Modern brokerages need to interact with these tenants using the same methods and response times.

Hawaii Sands Realty was founded by Gen X and Millennial entrepreneurs with a strong focus on leveraging technology to streamline operations, reduce overhead, and deliver superior real estate management services to our clients and tenants. Our approach results in finding the best possible tenants in a shorter time frame (less vacancy) by reaching a much larger market online, where today’s tenants are. The result is we fill vacancies faster, with quality tenants, and for higher rents. We can review applicants, run background checks, and send leases for signature from our mobile devices just about anywhere at anytime.

Because we leverage technology to reduce the cost of traditional brick and mortar brokerages, we can pass those savings to our clients by offering full-service, flat-fee management that includes:

  • BBB Accredited with A+ rating, licensed, and insured property management company
  • Quality photos, video, and 3D tours of your property
  • No Up-front/Onboarding Fees & Low Maintenance Reserves
  • Low Initial Tenant Placement Fee & Lease Renewal Fee
  • Bill payment service included with Management
  • Thorough credit & background checks run against a federal database that includes all 50 states and the federal territories. We even see if our prospective tenant’s got speeding tickets!
  • 24/7 online account access to your income & expenses, including digitally scanned copies of all bills paid on your behalf
  • Fair Housing compliant tenant screening process to ensure best quality tenants while protecting our clients from fair housing discrimination claims