Once the site of ancient Hawaiian fishing spots, which they kept secret and passed on through generations, Portlock is now an upscale neighborhood named after Nathaniel Portlock. A member of Captain Cook’s crew for his third, and final, voyage, Portlock returned to Hawaii as the captain of his own ship, becoming the first European to sail into Maunalua Bay.

Portlock, HI Overview

Today, Portlock holds some of the most prestigious real estate on the island of Oahu. It’s unique oceanfront geography allows for almost every home in the neighborhood to enjoy sweeping views of the ocean. With no major roads passing through, Portlock makes for the perfect neighborhood to raise a family, or a quiet oasis to enjoy retirement.

Just minutes from some of Oahu’s best beaches and surf breaks such as China Walls, Seconds and Pillars, there are no shortage of options for outdoor adventures.

Looking for Property Management in Portlock, HI?

Investing in Portlock, HI Rental Property

Real estate in Portlock has seen a steady climb over the previous decades, so you can rest assured that buying and holding property here will be a win in the long run. Many of the homes in Portlock feature Ohana housing, making rental income a reality.

Finding Property Management in Portlock, HI

The key successfully growing the value in any home, is proper management and upkeep. We have taken on several properties previously managed by big box brokerages that were clearly neglected. We ensure that our clients assets are treated as our own, making short and long term budget recommendations to ensure we can collect top dollar from your rental, and keep the property sale ready for when that time comes.