Palolo Valley

Neighborhood Location

The Palolo Valley neighborhood can be found north of Diamond Head on the mountain-side of the H1 freeway.  It is bordered by Waialae Ave. to the south, Palolo Ave. to the west, and 10th Ave. to the east.

Palolo Valley, HI Overview

Up into the Valley

When we think of the Palolo Valley neighborhood we tend to think about the steep uphill drive up into the valley.  Indeed, Palolo Ave. starts at sea level and ends at an elevation of about 600 ft above sea level.  Many of the homes in this neighborhood are found along and between Palolo Ave and 10th Ave.

The residents of Palolo Valley have convenient access to the vibrant neighborhood of Waialae Ave. and the Kaimuki neighborhood.

A Quiet Neighborhood with Modest Homes

The homes in this area are either single-family or multi-family dwellings; you won’t find many condominiums here.   These are modest homes with some properties having small front and/or back yard areas.  Waikiki Beach is mere fifteen minute drive down Kapahulu Ave.  The Palolo Valley neighborhood is also conveniently located near the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.

Be advised that some homes along the steep inclines of Palolo Ave. and 10th Ave. may not have parking and those that may have tight spaces.  Parking along the avenues are possible but keep that steep incline in mind.

The photo below is the type of home you would find in the Wilhelmina Rise and Palolo Valley neighborhoods.

Looking for Property Management in Palolo Valley, HI?

Investing in Palolo Valley, HI Rental Property

Opportunities for Fixer-Uppers and Rental Properties

These single-family and multi-family properties tend to be older with some having multiple additions to the main home.  This can oftentimes lead to strangely laid out properties with little to no yard.  Home additions can mean the opportunity for rental income and/or fixer-upper properties.

Whether you’re staying in the home and renting out a room, an in-law suite, or an ohana unit (detached dwelling), you’re sure to find opportunities in this centrally located neighborhood.

Finding Property Management in Palolo Valley, HI

Property Management, Buying and Selling

Palolo Valley has a lot in to offer for both tenants and homeowners. However, as a homeowner, you have a lot more to do than rent out a house or condo. Between tenant screening, property maintenance, and financial planning; home owners can be quickly overwhelmed. Since you want to take care of your investment, it’s important to find a qualified and experienced property manager for your property in Palolo Valley.

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