Makiki offers potential tenants a convenient place to live, and real estate investors a healthy housing market. If you’re considering owning property in the area, here’s what you should know.

Makiki, HI Overview

Makiki is a very friendly community located near Waikiki and the University of Hawaii. It’s a great place for people to live, whether they’re young or old; single or a family.

Not only is the neighborhood in one of the best spots in Honolulu, but it offers plenty of amenities for locals. Residents can get fresh food for a bargain from the local’s farmers market. Pleasant day outings include visiting the library or museum. Plenty of hiking trails and a nature center are also available for those who want to enjoy Oahu’s natural scenery.

Looking for Property Management in Makiki, HI?

Investing in Makiki, HI Rental Property

Many savvy real estate investors are turning to Makiki because of its great potential. It offers endless types of homes, from historic beauties to modern condos. Since such a high percentage of renters live in this area, rental property is especially in demand right now.

As a result, the rent price in Makiki is increasing steadily. If you’re planning on owning rental property in the area, now is a great time to jump in.

Finding Property Management in Makiki, HI

It’s no doubt that Makiki is a charming area with endless potential. However, owning property is not just about finding the right place at the right time. Buying a house is just the beginning, because property owners have so many day-to-day tasks to keep up with. Who has time for that?

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