Neighborhood Location

The Kapahulu neighborhood is bounded in part by Diamond Head to the south, the Ala Wai canal to the south, Palolo Stream to the north, and Alohea Ave. to the east.  In general, the numbered streets (i.e. 5th Ave, 12th Ave, etc.) are part of the Kaimuki neighborhood.

We took the above photo from the Kapahulu neighborhood; in the distance you can see the tall building of Waikiki.

Kapahulu, HI Overview

Where Urban Meets Old World

While the Ala Wai Golf Course takes up nearly a quarter of this neighborhood the vast majority of properties you’ll find here are single-family and multi-family homes.  The areas west of Kapahulu Ave. have an urban vibe and are where most of the condominiums and grocery stores are found.  The areas east of Kapahulu Ave. is a larger residential area full of single and multi-family homes.

Along Kapahulu Avenue you’ll find grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants, some of which include the famous Rainbow Drive-In and Leonard’s Malasadas.  You’ll want to note, that as one of the main access routes to Waikiki Beach, Kapahulu avenue itself can, at times, get quite congested.

A little further inland from both the Waikiki and Diamond Head neighborhoods, those looking for properties located a short distance from Waikiki Beach and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, investors will find the prices in the Kapahulu neighborhood more affordable than their ocean side locations.

Looking for Property Management in Kapahulu, HI?

Investing in Kapahulu, HI Rental Property

Opportunities for Rental Properties

You’ll find condominiums, single-family, and multi-family homes in this Kapahulu neighborhood.  Many of these properties tend to be older with some homes having multiple additions to the main home.  This can oftentimes lead to strangely laid out properties with little to no yard.  Home additions can mean the opportunity for rental income.  Whether you’re staying in the home and renting out a room, an in-law suite, or an ohana unit (detached dwelling), you’re sure to find opportunities in this coveted neighborhood.

Finding Property Management in Kapahulu, HI

Property Management, Buying, and Selling

The Kapahulu neighborhood has a lot in store for both tenants and homeowners. However, as a homeowner, you have a lot more to do than rent out a house or condo. Between tenant screening, property maintenance, and financial planning; home owners can be quickly overwhelmed. Since you want to take care of your investment, it’s important to find a qualified and experienced property manager for the Kapahulu neighborhood.

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