The Waialae-Kahala is a small neighborhood bordering the southern shore of Oahu and is directly east of the Diamond Head Monument.

Kahala, HI Overview

In this upscale neighborhood, you’ll find beautiful beachfront properties, the Shangri La Center for Islamic Arts, and the iconic Kahala Hotel and Resort.  The Waialae-Kahala neighborhood is quiet with well-manicured properties.  Throughout the day you’ll see residents walking along Kahala Avenue, getting their exercise to-and-from the ocean side of Diamond Head, or soaking in the sunset views from various Vista Points along Diamond Head road.

Residents of the Waialae-Kahala neighborhood also enjoy the conveniences of the Kahala Mall.  With retail stores, a wide variety of restaurants, grocery stores, and a movie theater residents won’t have to travel far for supplies.

With the cultural attractions, easy access to the beach, sunset views, grocery stores, and entertainment residents of the Waialae-Kahala may have few reasons to leave this beautiful neighborhood!

Looking for Property Management in Kahala, HI?

Investing in Kahala, HI Rental Property

With few condominium buildings, the Waialae-Kahala neighborhood is composed mostly of single-family homes.  At the time of this writing, a three-bedroom two-bath home can cost between $900,000 and $16,000,000.  This wide range reflects the type of homes found in this property, from older homes to more luxurious and modern homes built closer to the coastline.

Whether you are looking for your forever home or a home for now the Waialae-Kahala neighborhood will not disappoint.

Finding Property Management in Kahala, HI

It’s no doubt that the Waialae-Kahala neighborhood has a lot in store for both tenants and homeowners. However, as a homeowner, you have a lot more to do than rent out a house or condo. Between tenant screening, property maintenance, and financial planning; home owners can be quickly overwhelmed. Since you want to take care of your investment, it’s important to find a qualified and experienced property manager for Waialae-Kahala.

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